Anti-bullying | Stop the hate

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Hello my beauties,


I bring to you this month a bit of my morbid side. I wanted to bring attention to the suicides that we’re happening around the world. People have always killed themselves, since Bible times and probably before, my message isn’t on the life that is being taken away which is a shame all on its own. My message today is one about peace and love, and not to deliberately hurt someone else. The things we hate in others, is what you hate about yourself the most. Next time you criticize someone, ask yourself, is it them, or me?


To my fellow emotional souls, this world is way too beautiful to ever miss one glorious moment. If things ever get too over whelming just take a deep breath and admire the beauty around you. Be thankful for what you do have your life, your family, your friends, anything that brings you happiness or pleasure. Thank the universe for the experience and move on to better things. We are all a little fucked up in the head. You determine whether you use that as inspiration or let it eat you alive.


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