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Hello Temptress Raising Good Vibes No Hate No H8

Hello my beauties,

Today I would like to feature one of my best friends, Elizabeth and her girlfriend Monica. I am happy to live in a time where being gay is more readily accepted by individuals than it was say 50 years ago, but even in this time we are still seeing hate brought to you by ignorant people.

“Humanity is going to require a substantially new way of thinking if it is to survive.” – Albert Einstein

ignorance against love

I was taught in boarding school and while growing up that it was wrong and you were going to hell for it. No one can tell you where you are going to spend eternity, and especially it is not going to happen because someone doesn’t approve of the person you love. The only person that can decide your religious beliefs is you. You and yourself are the only ones that will ever be able to dictate that, don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad because of their ignorance.

There is one good thing coming out of the Catholic Church. The church is changing for the better. The current Pope, Pope Francis wrote a letter back to the gay community not just on the obsession that the Catholic Church has with them but also touched on the subjects of Abortion, and Birth Control. I honestly never thought that the Catholic Church would come about this change before the Fundamentalist Baptist community, at least in my lifetime. For the Pope to break away from centuries of dogma and god knows what other brain washing literature, has given me a little more hope for this beautiful world.

hello temptress raising good vibes peace love unity

If you would like to read about the change the Pope has begun here are some links that might interest you.

CNN    Huffington Post    NY Times    RNS

I’ve never understood the people that have hate or dislike of other individuals because of who they love. Love is love.

Hello Temptress Raising Good Vibes No Hate No H8

One thing that was brought to my attention are the incorrect facts that some people believe with all their heart. One being, “You can’t be gay, fish aren’t gay.” On top of the monstrous notion that someone can’t be gay, they were crushing their child’s natural urges to be with someone they are attracted to. I am not sure where that parent got their facts on the over 32,000 species of fish that there are in the world, but in fact there are infinite amount of animals not just fishes that are homosexual.

Hello Temptress Raising Good Vibes No Hate No H8

Hello Temptress Raising Good Vibes No Hate No H8 Hello Temptress Raising Good Vibes No Hate No H8Hello Temptress Raising Good Vibes No Hate No H8 Hello Temptress Raising Good Vibes No Hate No H8 Hello Temptress Raising Good Vibes No Hate No H8

If you would  like to know more about these wonderful species here are some links.

http://www.news-medical.net   Wikipedia

The human species should learn from the animals. They are able to vote and have corporation with each other and they don’t care about who’s dating who. They solve problem sometimes by having the same sex hook up. If this is happening in the animal kingdom, where in the hell did the notion come from about being gay and all of this hate?

Hello Temptress Raising Good Vibes No Hate No H8

It starts with our kids. Teach them to see all the beauty around.Hello Temptress Raising Good Vibes No Hate No H8

There are so many American’s that are still blinded by their own ignorance to accept others, if they don’t fit into their box of what normal should be. Slowly but surely we are over turning the law against gay marriage, but there is not enough support for this issue. If you would like to lend your support see how you can help at Freedom To Marry.

Hello Temptress Raising Good Vibes No Hate No H8

Our goal here at Hello Temptress | Raising Good Vibes is to enlighten those that are still in the dark. Not just about gay marriage, but about religion, yourself, others, tattoos, art, any subject that seems controversial or unknown to the rest. There is still so much knowledge out there that we have no idea of. A quote from the movie I am, “If there are still people here in 200 years, they will not be living the way we live, they will not be thinking the way we think.” It’s up to us to take care of this beautiful world and to stop all the hate. Hate only breeds more hate. With all the information we have at our finger tips it’s time to educate ourselves on all the beauty around us and start seeing people for who they are. Creatures that just want love and affection. We want to be accepted just like we want others to accept us. It’s time to unlearn the hate that this world has created and start learning about love, peace, and inner happiness. When you depend on others to make you happy, they control the out come of your happiness. When you make yourself happy no one can take that away from you.

Hello Temptress Raising Good Vibes No Hate No H8

I highly recommend the movie “I am” it is by the Director Tom Shadyac. He brought to you movies like Patch Adams, Bruce Almighty, Ace Ventura, The Nutty Professor, Liar Liar, and so many more. I am is available to watch on Instant Queue on Netflix. The movie shows you a different side to the mentally ill. Cliff notes version, it is a wonderful awe inspiring movie that speaks on What is wrong with the world, and what could we do about it? It touches on the subject on how animals vote with every wing span or with head movements on where they should eat, go drink water, etc. It brought a new perspective on things that I thought I knew. This post is named  I am, after the movie. I am the change. We are the change. It starts with us, and how we view people and our acceptance of what we don’t view as “normal”. You know what’s normal? Love is normal. That connection you feel that sends every single nerve in your body into ecstasy when they look at you. When they are away your soul aches from missing them. Love is pure and love is what will fix this world.

Hello Temptress Raising Good Vibes No Hate No H8

The movie also touches on the subject on our heart beat. The heart receives information and then sends it to the brain. The pauses in-between the beats actually emulate the emotion that we are feeling. If we are feeling anger there is anger in the pause and then it beats out that emotion. If there is love in the pause it does the same but you send out love.

Hello Temptress Raising Good Vibes No Hate No H8

Marc Ian Barasch stated “They found that positive states, particularly compassionate states are healthy for you, these states actually renew our physiology.” Love, care, gratitude, compassion, all the things that we tend to associate and label positive help us live longer. Besides the fact that being nice is good for us health wise, we make the world a better place by spreading all those positive vibrations. I first learned about the actual power of the heart was from Spirit Science some time ago. It was so enlightening to hear the same principals and studies being done on the heart.

I ask of you today. When you see something or someone that you feel doesn’t fit into how you were raised, instead of closing yourself off to them, learn their story. Find out about the same struggles, likes, dislikes, that they have just like you.

Hello Temptress Raising Good Vibes No Hate No H8

Hope everyone has a safe weekend up in EDC Orlando. My fellow P.L.U.R. people are already teaching the world about love. <3 I would like to leave you with this little tid bit, hate and you will find hate, love and you will find love. I love you my beauties! <333

– Nicole Rivero | CEO Hello Temptress

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