Raising Good Vibes

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Hi All,

I wanted to further introduce Raising Good Vibes and what we represent.

raising good vibes urban clothing tees and tank tops

When I was 17 years old I was sent away to a Baptist Boarding School. Needless to say they tried to force their beliefs onto all the girls there. They made us believe that if we didn’t do or follow what they were teaching us about their perspective of the Bible, then we would all end up in the damning pits of hell.

Later on, after I was freed. I was confused on everything God since I was raised Catholic, Baptized as a Baptist in Boarding School,  and later a smidgen of Santeria mixed in, thanks to my father and his girlfriend at that time. I was one confused puppy mixing in bits and pieces from each religion. Each had it’s own rules. You had to do this, or you couldn’t speak on the full moon, in the third month, of the 6th year, in this bull shit people are being brain washed and controlled with a chart that someone made up thousands of years ago.

I was able to break this horrid cycle thanks to one of my friends who introduced me to Spirit Science. This was the video that started it all

We recommend to watch all of their videos. Even if you are comfortable in your religion or current state of mind. The videos show a different perspective on every day life, while being entertained with a super cute cartoon story.

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After watching the videos, I was hooked and MIND BLOWN all at the same time. For some reason I had the belief that I needed to believe those things I was taught as a child. If I didn’t something bad would happen. Like my luck would change, or I would piss off God or some other ridiculous reason.

Started doing some research on meditation, Buddhism, The Secret <— definite must read or watch it on Netflix.

This helped a lot —> Learn To Meditate in 5 Days

Just anything that would help me better understand the Universe, myself, and why all the random horrible and great moments in life.  The one constant thing I have picked up from everything I have learned is YOU ARE THE PROBLEM AND THE SOLUTION. You control the good and bad in your life. Shit happens everyday, some worse days than others. It’s your perspective on the said event, whether it was a good experience or a bad one.

Raising Good Vibes wants to share this amazing news with everyone … YOU CAN BE HAPPY WITHOUT FOLLOWING DOGMA. Just for the record, we are not saying anything about any book in particular. We welcome you to read all of the religious books and learn from their old wise teachings, because those guidelines never really change. You know don’t kill, be good unto your neighbor, etc, etc. What we want to show you is that you can live your life without being afraid you are doing something wrong because a book said so thousands of years ago. Enjoy the little time you have left on this earth. Do something for yourself, take the time out of your day to make yourself feel good. Is there any good reason why you shouldn’t? It makes you feel good, and when you feel good, you look good. You attract goodness to you. ALWAYS REMEMBER: Good attracts good, bad attracts bad. We will go more into this on our next blog post.

Good bye for now and help spread the Good Vibes! <3

– Nicole Rivero CEO Hello Temptress

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